Little River Band Commits to Raising Funds for Wildlife Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, donations poured in from around the world for people who were displaced by flooding on the Texas Gulf Coast. While story after story went to print of humans helping humans, another story began to emerge: The story of the displaced wildlife.

One particular hawk became a bit of a celebrity when she (it was later determined that Harvey was a female) jumped into a cab in the Houston area to ride out the storm. Luckily, the cab driver who found her was able to get her to the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition in Houston, where the newly-named hawk, “Harvey” was transferred to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Allen, Texas. It was there that she was treated for her injuries and released back into the wild last week.

“Harvey” the Hawk Caught The Eye of Little River Band

Harvey the Hawk

Photo: Facebook/WIS TV

Upon hearing the story of Harvey the Hawk, Little River Band, (best known for such songs as, “Cool Change,” “Lonesome Loser,” and the 1978 hit, “Lady”) jumped into action and resolved to raise funds for all wildlife displaced by the storm and, more specifically, to directly support the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition (TWRC) in Houston, who works tirelessly to help wildlife in need – during hurricane season and beyond.

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition

Baby squirrel

Photo: Facebook/TWRCWildlife Center

Founded in 1979, TWRC has had over 145,000 injured, orphaned, or ill wild animals pass through the hands of their caring volunteers. Species that they frequently accept are squirrels, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, birds of prey, waterfowl, migratory birds, turtles, and snakes. The TWRC believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all living things. They value the lives of every animal that enters their care and vows to treat each animal humanely and with respect and compassion. Although their goal is to release all animals back to the wild, the TWRC holds themselves accountable to do what is best for each individual animal.

Through outreach programs, the TWRC aims to help the public understand the importance of conservation and to gain an appreciation of native Texas wildlife. They are committed to educating the public about wildlife as a means to encourage people to coexist with the wild animals who share our environment.

Little River Band Hoping to Deliver a Big Check in Houston


Photo: Facebook/littleriverband

So far, almost $3,000 has been raised for the TWRC, through the Little River Band’s fundraising efforts. The band has a tour date in Houston in April of 2018 and they hope to present a large check to the TWRC on that date. If you’d like to learn more about the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, visit their website. To donate to the Little River Band’s fundraiser for the organization, go here.