How Do You BBQ?: Grills, Prep, Meats, and Methods

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If you’re all about that baste (yes, it’s lame, but funny…) then marinade and sauces are more up your alley. Cooking up some great Texas steaks? Try this marinade on for size. It packs a great punch, but you need to prep in advance. The recipe calls for a minimum soaking time of an hour, but for maximum flavor, try it overnight. Here’s the pin, and it’s called Jack’s Ultimate Steak Marinade, so you know it has to be good! And everyone has their preference in sauces: sugary, spicy, red, white, and so on. Regardless of your tastes, this article features the various types and uses, and if you’re looking for recipes to try, this search on Pinterest provides you any number of combinations and permutations! From white and garlicy to sweet honey mustard bases, and from Cajun to Teriyaki to Greek, and so on – the options are endless!

And how about injecting? Any thoughts on doing this type of prep to get the best tasting barbecue? The powers that be suggest that the injection liquid be as light as possible in order for it to pass through the needle and you also need a good handle on the cut that you have in order to inject the meat in the best possible places. For a solid how-to as well as some great links to marinade recipes that would work deliciously, check out this pin called “A Step-By-Step Guide to the Best Smoked Brisket.” They get you past the injection parts quite handily.

Meat Selections

How Do You BBQ: Grills, Prep, Meats and Methods

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Looking for various recipes to wow the family or impress the neighbors with? Or perhaps you simply want a good meal for yourself! There are some great meat selections and recipes to give a try on and sample your successes, from brisket to ribs, chicken to pork, steak, steak and more steak…these pins have it all! Check out the chicken stuffed with ribs even!

Great Barbecue Tips and Tricks

How Do You BBQ: Grills, Prep, Meats and Methods
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