How Do You BBQ?: Grills, Prep, Meats, and Methods

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Some handy last-minute tips which the best barbecue kings and queens are probably already aware of are to avoid puncturing the meat with a fork for flipping in order to keep the juices in the cuts. Flip using a spatula or tongs for a juicier end-result. And try to limit the number of flips if you can. Each item should be flipped once, ideally, during the grilling process. And speaking of spatulas, don’t press down on the meat with them while they’re on the grill! This squeezes the juices out, and as we note above, no juice is no good. If you would like to infuse herbs into your meal, you have a couple of options: 1) if using a charcoal grill, toss them directly onto the coals while grilling (the smoke will rise up into the meat; 2) if using a gas grill, soak them in water in advance, place them directly on your grill, and then place the meat on top of them. Both methods make for some tasty Texas barbecue. And if you’re basting while cooking, save this for the very last, as in almost immediately before serving. This way, any sugars in your sauces or marinades won’t caramelize. And last, but not least, enjoy your meal!

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