Meet Beaux Tox: The Texas Hill Country Dog Taking Instagram By Storm

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Beaux Tox was very sick when Hulit began to foster him. He spent many days and nights at the vet, being treated for his various ailments. Hulit reports that it was “touch and go”  for awhile and she wasn’t sure he’d live through the arduous treatment for heartworms. Fortunately, Beaux Tox expressed a will to live that surprised everyone and today he’s a healthy dog who takes full advantage of life in the Texas Hill Country.

Workin’ Like A Dog

Beaux Tox the dog

Photo: Facebook/HillCountryDreamTeam

These days, Beaux Tox spends his days putting on his tie (yes, he really wears a tie–and it’s adorable) and going to “work” with a friend of Hulit’s at a Texas Hill Country real estate office, where he undoubtedly charms everyone he meets. His evenings are spent at home on the couch–a far cry from the former “Lucky’s” humble beginnings. An Instagram account was started a month ago for Beaux Tox, and he has already amassed over 20,000 followers. Beaux Tox’s story has touched many and serves as a gentle reminder that beauty, truly, is only skin deep.

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