The Beer Can Bacon Burger is Your Next Delicious Barbecue Project

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In roughly a 10-minute video, you can quickly learn how to make one of the tastiest and juiciest barbecued burgers you’ll ever attempt to make! Not only that, but they’re stuffed, chock-full of some of the best fixings you’ll find. The Beer Can Bacon Burger is a recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys, shared on their YouTube channel. If you’re from Texas and love good barbecue recipes (and who doesn’t?), then you’re going to want to bookmark this and revisit it in the very near future.

Cooking a delicious meal for family and friends has long been a Lone Star State pastime, to tell the truth. Pulling out the grill, be it propane or charcoal, and cooking a hearty meal has made some of our shared moments together just that much better. In a number of cases, feeding our friends and family is like saying “I love you.” What better way to say it than with a great burger?

Video: YouTube/BBQ Pit Boys

The BBQ Pit Boys channel on YouTube features more than 750 instructional video recipes. Millions of people have either viewed or followed their channel. With recipes like the Beer Can Bacon Burger, you can see why! They aim to demonstrate classic barbecue techniques to their fans, sharing the knowledge they’ve gained and used over time. They impart wisdom on the topic of the proper tools to use when cooking, the right cuts of meat, as well as some welcomed tips and tricks.

The Beer Can Bacon Burger in the video above is being stuffed with such delicious selections as fried onions, chili, mushrooms, bacon, peppers, tomatoes, beef hash, and even ribs! Following being stuffed, they’re topped off with some cheese (they’re using Pepper Jack and shredded sharp cheddar in their version). To finish it off prior to cooking, they dash a few drops of hot sauce in each burger and put a little barbecue sauce on top. After approximately an hour’s worth of cooking time on the grill (covered, at roughly 300 degrees Fahrenheit) this burger is a meal fit for a king… and his family and friends!