Best Bourbon in Texas: Where and How Can You Get Your Hands on It?

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The first Texas Bourbon Shootout is happening on February 1, 2019, in Longview, and that got us thinking. There appears to be a revolution of sorts in Texas bourbon – a change in tastes, if you will. Although revolutionary thinking is nothing new to the Lone Star State, the concept of such a great American product being made as a top-of-the-line beverage, earning top marks in high-end tastings is something we haven’t seen before. And soon there will be a title champ for the Best Bourbon in Texas!

To the bourbon aficionado, this isn’t news. To the average person who felt that this was traditionally the “working man’s drink,” it’s surprising. What’s not surprising is the quality and craftsmanship of the bourbon product coming from several top Texas distillers. Andrew Griffith, President of the East Texas Bourbon Society recently told news-journal.com, “A lot of folks think you can only make bourbon in Kentucky, which is not accurate at all. Texas is going to be to bourbon what California is to wines. Love it or hate it, there’s something special about it… High humidity is really good for aging bourbon. In Texas, we can age bourbon about three times as fast as they can in Kentucky, just because of the humidity.”

Video: YouTube/Texas Country Reporter

When the Texas Country Reporter visited Garrison Brothers in Hye, they recognized they were speaking to some of the best bourbon manufacturers, packagers, and samplers in the Texas Hill Country. And, this is only one of a select few manufacturers throughout the state to produce the drink that’s becoming an award-winning liquor of choice – however, it was, in fact, the first legal distillery in Texas. Confirming Griffith’s comments and commitment to the quality of bourbon that’s produced in the Lone Star State, the interview with Garrison Brothers Distillery owner/operator, Dan Garrison, mirrors the concept that Texas is the place to make and sample top-shelf bourbon. For top honors as “The Best Bourbon in Texas,” makers such as these will be put to the test at the upcoming Texas Bourbon Shootout in Longview. And, to the winner, go the bragging rights, but the spoils will actually go to the tasters!