Best and Worst Places to Celebrate the 4th of July

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Celebrate the 4th of July in some of the best places in the United States. Though many places vied for the top spots, some didn’t make it. A few cities ranked as some of the worst places for Independence Day. WalletHub delved deep into 18 metrics from 100 cities to find the best and worst places to go for the 4th of July.

Criteria Used for the Study

4th of July Fireworks Display

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Analysts used five subcategory scores to reach the overall scores for each city. The first category, 4th of July celebrations, assessed the popularity of the holiday, the cost of admission to a party, the legality of fireworks, and the number of festivals or performances. Secondly, the analysts examined affordability of celebrating based on the cost of wine, beer, burgers, a 3-star hotel, and the number of 4.5 star and above restaurants. WalletHub used the criteria outlined in its “Best and Worst Cities for Recreation” to determine the third metric, attractions, and activities. Safety and the forecast for the holiday rounded out the five subheadings.

Best and Worst Places Overall to Celebrate the 4th of July

Best City to Celebrate 4th of July is Atlanta, Georgia

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Of course, you want to find which cities rank at the top. Atlanta, Georgia, ranked as best overall. This city also ranked second in the subcategory of celebrations, though its score dropped from its 86th-place ranking in safety. The worst city for the 4th of July was Newark, N.J. Though this city ranked 4th in safety, its last-place finishing in celebrations dropped it to last overall.

Interesting Findings

Stay at the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas when you celebrate the 4th of July
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If you’re traveling to one of these 100 cities, you may find yourself spending four times more for the cheapest 3-star hotel compared to the best and worst. Honolulu, Hawaii, came in last for hotel rates. Three cities tied for the cheapest 3-star hotels: Las Vegas, Nevada; Henderson, Nevada; and North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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