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Biological Weapon Simulation Planned in Oklahoma Has Residents Worried

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Imagine opening up your local newspaper to find that the Department of Homeland Security planned on conducting a biological weapon simulation test in your town. Fox 23 reports that what happened to the residents of Newkirk, Oklahoma near the Kansas border this week.

The test, which the news says will take place at an abandoned high school, will include a particle and a biological portion. The particles will be made of titanium dioxide that is explained to be a “…white odorless powder that is chemically insoluble in water, nonreactive, nonflammable and nonhazardous.” The biological portion includes releasing “…genetic, barcoded spores of an insecticide sold under the trade name of Dipel.” The goal will be to see if the particles and spores make their way inside of buildings and how far they move.

Needless to say, the thought of conducting this simulation has residents worried. They’ve already started a petition that’s gained over 5,600 signatures. “…I’m just not comfortable with this. For one, not much info has been given out or explanation of what exactly will be happening. I think there should be a town hall meeting over this,” Shawn Harhouf wrote.

More information about the simulation can be found on the DHS website here.