Black Panthers Seen in the Piney Woods: Fact or Fiction?

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In 2009, a Palestine, Texas, man was taking a family trail ride when he spied a calf carcass hanging up in the tall pine trees. He explained that their horses were spooked and began anxiously dancing around the trails. They even developed a nervous, sweaty lather resulting from their obvious fear coupled with the East Texas heat and humidity. He had stopped to calm his horse while the others moved on, when he felt something warm dripping down on him. Upon looking upward, he viewed the remains of a calf hanging over some branches at approximately 20 feet, after which he and the rest of his party hurriedly made their exit from the area.

Stories of these elusive black panthers or signs of such continue to be told throughout East Texas. Many residents remain convinced they take up refuge in the Piney Woods. For some, the only evidence they need to know they exist comes from the eerie sounds heard in the dense forests, carried through the air on still nights.

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