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Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum Hosts Grand Reopening

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The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is open once again! One of the finest museums in West Texas, it had been closed for the last two years due to covid and weather damage. Now the grand reopening is here, and the public is invited to tour the vast collection of displays and exhibits. Located at 124 West Main Street in Crosbyton, Texas, 79322, the museum is only a short drive from Lubbock.

The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum is home to some of the most fascinating artifacts in the world, not just in the Lone Star State, but all over the world. Displays include the bones of dinosaurs and giant crocodilians, mastodons, and tiny multi-toed horses and unicorns from Amarillo, Texas. There is a unique collection of 1970s and ’80s, rock ‘n’ roll hand-painted billboards from the heyday of the Sunset Strip. From mysterious out-of-place artifacts to the sculpted femur of a humanoid giant, there’s something to excite and intrigue visitors of all ages.



Joe Taylor, the founder and curator of the museum, is one of the world’s foremost fossil restorationists and the author of Giants Against Evolution, in addition to many other titles. Throughout his long career, Taylor had worked to prove the truth of the biblical creation account. The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum showcases a creationist perspective on paleontology and archeology, offering powerful evidence against the theory of evolution. Taylor is a paleontologist, artist, and author, whose work has been instrumental in the modern creationist science movement. Science enthusiasts will enjoy a challenging and intriguing interpretation of geologic and fossil evidence, while rock ‘n’ roll fans will be delighted to tour Taylor’s huge (literally!) collection of billboard-size rock ‘n’ roll album covers, hand-painted by Taylor himself. Taylor was a top billboard painter for the record industry in the heyday of the 1970s. He saved 20 of the hundreds of the billboards he painted. The artwork is on display in the fossil museum, and he is prepared to sell the unique album art collection to benefit Operation Not Forgotten, which was developed for the prevention of suicide among our veterans and first responders.

“How can Oklahoma sandstone that is supposed to be 300 million years old have modern-looking plumbing pipe fittings in it?! Either ancient salamanders were plumbers — or 300 million years is a figment of the imagination. We have casts taken directly from the objects in the rock.”

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“If layers of sandstone in the fossil beds took millions of years to form, how is it that the Slick Rock formation in Colorado can have three dinosaurs run across hundreds of these layers when they were soft? Maybe they didn’t take but a few minutes to form. We have a cast made directly from the rock.”

Tour the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum today! Contact the museum at 806-675-7777, or email to [email protected]. Follow the museum on Facebook joe taylor and visit their www..mtblanco.com. Buy Joe Taylor’s books (including his thrilling study of giants) here.