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Beautiful Blue Water Made Its Way to Galveston Island, Stunning Tourists and Locals Alike

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Despite the beautiful photos of the amazingly stunning beaches along the Texas Gulf Coast, sometimes upon arrival vacationers tend to ask where all the crystal-clear blue water can be found. However, during the Memorial Day weekend at Galveston Island, surprisingly blue (not to mention beautiful) water made its way to Texas shores. The popular theory reported by MySA.com is that Hurricane Alberto (in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Alabama coast) developed large rotating currents (otherwise known as a gyre) which worked in conjunction with a similar gyre caused in the opposite direction by the Gulf Stream – in effect, moving the gorgeously clear water our way!

As a result, much cleaner or clearer ocean waters from the Corpus Christi area and parts due south of there were brought up and toward Galveston Island. Although area residents had a heyday on social media, joking that Galveston had gone as far as dying the water blue for the long weekend, it was noted that the traditional brownish-colored beach water generally found in the area is not necessarily dirty but muddied by the San Jacinto, Trinity, and Mississippi rivers. Although it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes, experts say it won’t last long. As is usually recommended, beach conditions in Galveston and many other fantastic summer hot spots can be found at the Texas Beach Watch web page, if you’re looking to pack up the family and head to the shore.