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Borne Legacy of Good Deed-Doing Does Not Go Unnoticed in Austin

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Going above and beyond the call of duty, Austin police officer Jason Borne (yes, really: it’s “Borne”, not “Bourne”) helped an 18-year-old driver who was stuck on the side of the road on Tuesday morning (February 14). The teen was on his way to school when his tire exploded, and he called for help. Borne responded and when he saw how extreme the wear on his tires was, he bought him new ones. Not only that, but he’s now in the process of raising money to help fix the teen’s car! Good Samaritans who are also interested in helping can do so at Borne’s GoFundMe link.

Paying it Forward

Borne Legacy of Good Deed-Doing Does Not Go Unnoticed in Austin

Photo: Facebook/Austin Breaking News

In an interview with Fox 4, Borne said, “Solve so many problems with the simplest gesture. Anything that you can do, could really restore hope for people that maybe were hopeless or whatever else.” A typical day for this Austin Police Department’s Highway Enforcement Unit officer ends with paying things forward. “The wear on the tires had gone through the rubber, through the wire mesh and into the sub-layer before it just exploded while he was driving down the highway. 183 is a 65 mile per hour highway. It was right at the Mopac flyover, so it was a very dangerous location,” said Borne of the 18-year-old’s Tuesday predicament. So the officer had the car towed to a shop and replaced the two front tires, splitting the cost with his partner, Tommy Sawin. Then, to help him out a little further, they sent the Texas teen back to school with a case number to justify his tardy note.

Taking Things to Heart

Borne Legacy of Good Deed-Doing Does Not Go Unnoticed in Austin
Photo: Pixabay

“I mean, I have three kids. I would not send my own kids down the road with, you know, tires in his shape and I wasn’t going to send somebody else’s,” said Borne. To that end, the two officers are taking the good deed one step further by raising enough money to fix alignment issues on the teen’s car, which they plan to get done next week while he’s at school. And if the donations keep coming, they’ll continue on with repairs to collision damage or possibly purchasing a new car for the young fellow for college. Said Borne, “Money can’t take away childhood cancer, money can’t take away so many things in this world but it can take away stress, it can take away bald tires, it can take away some bills and some repairs. So I’ve really taken that to heart.” And members of the Austin Police Department say this doesn’t surprise them. Borne’s heart has never had to grow three sizes like the Grinch’s – he’s always been there to help out whenever he sees someone in need.

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