Brave 13-Year-Old Girl Manages to Get Away After Abduction From Her Own Driveway

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Around 5:00 in the afternoon on Monday, 13-year-old Spring, Texas girl Malasia was outside getting the mail right next to her driveway. Suddenly, a car pulled up. She noticed it was a black Honda with tinted windows. A man asked if she knew where someone lived, and before she knew it, she was grabbed from behind and thrown into the vehicle with two masked men.

ABC 13 reports that her mother noticed when she didn’t return from the mailbox, and she called her phone. At that point, Malasia was trying to collect herself. Once the car made a stop in a nearby neighborhood, she flung the door open and ran until she reached the Shell gas station on Old Cypresswood Road. “Momma they took me. They took me,” she said once she was able to call her mother back.

Even though the victim showed an incredible amount of bravery and freed herself, the mental anguish of a terrifying situation like this often continues. Like Bai Martinez wrote on ABC 13‘s Facebook page, “Sickening people out there. I’m so glad this child fought back. I feel sorry for the PTSD she may feel from this.. the nightmares.. She will always remember this. How traumatic.”