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Brazoria County Clinics Offered Free Tetanus Shots Over the Weekend

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Wounds caused by debris, or wounds that were exposed to flood waters, which are contaminated with dirt and feces, can cause a Tetanus infection. In order to combat the spread of this illness after Harvey, the Brazoria County Public Health Clinics opened their doors to flood victims over the weekend and offered free Tetanus shots. ABC 13 says, “You’ll need the shot if you haven’t received one in the last 10 years, you have a dirty wound and have not had a shot in the five years, or you came into contact with floodwaters and have a cut, burn, scrape or animal bite.”

Their actions serve as a reminder that anyone who has dealt with the above conditions should seek out a shot. According to the Center for Disease Control website, adults should get tetanus shots every 10 years regardless of whether or not they have been or might be in harm’s way. The disease takes an average of 10 days to incubate in one’s body. Around this time, people will experience “lockjaw” (another common name for the infection), which makes it difficult or impossible to open one’s mouth due to tight jaw muscles. Frighteningly, people with this issue also have difficulty breathing and swallowing. Additional symptoms include muscle spasms in the stomach, fever, pain in muscles, and seizures.

The CDC writes that one to two cases out of 10 are fatal, so it’s imperative that people try to prevent infection with the vaccine.