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Reeves County Bridge Set for Demolition Falls Prematurely

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News West 9 writes that the “RM 652 bridge at Salt Creek in Reeves County, west of Orla, Texas” fell down on Monday morning. The road remains open since a new section was built to accommodate the increase in traffic in the area. The old structure, which gave way and crashed to the ground, was going to be demolished, but it fell prematurely. News West 9 says they were told that it did not technically “collapse,” but it did “give way unexpectedly.”

Tatum Guinn posted video of the bridge to Facebook that looks like quite a mess. Unfortunately, when it fell, a contractor, and presumedly his truck, was on the bridge as it buckled. He was taken to a hospital in Odessa and is expected recovery from the non-life threatening injuries he sustained.

Guinn, who works for CBS 7 News, said that she was contacted by TxDOT about the incident after she posted video of the accident, but they didn’t say when the demolition of the old bridge was supposed to take place. “Wow. Use to drive over that everyday… hope he gets well soon. Also glad there wasn’t anymore traffic on it,” Jeromy Hewitt commented on the post which has received over 122K views.

UPDATE: According to TxDOT, a construction crew was working on the bridge which was set to be demolished at a later date. A contractor was on the bridge this morning when part of it prematurely gave way.Whoa. A bridge collapsed in Reeves County around 11 this morning. The Loving County Sheriff says there was a man standing on the bridge as it came down. He was airlifted to an Odessa hospital.

Posted by Tatum Guinn on Monday, December 18, 2017