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Brownwood, Texas: The Great Outdoors, Football, and American Military Might

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All photos courtesy of the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce.

Sitting along the northern edge of the Texas Hill Country, the city of Brownwood overflows with state and hometown pride. With access to amazing scenic drives, and opportunities to get out and experience the great outdoors, Brownwood also has a lot of history. One of the largest military training facilities in the state, Camp Bowie was established in Brownwood during World War II. Undergoing a number of milestones in its development and operation, today, it serves as a United States National Guard training center.

Those looking to learn more about the role the American military played in the city of Brownwood’s own development can visit the Brown County Museum of History, and honor that role at Camp Bowie Memorial Park. Home to artillery from Germany, Japan, and the United States, the park is situated on more than eight acres, paying that tribute in the most reverent way.


Brownwood’s many additional parks and trails allow visitors and residents alike the opportunity for outdoor fun, including 19 city parks in total, as well as nearby Lake Brownwood State Park, and the Pecan Bayou. The Bayou offers great paddling along its slow-moving stream, boasting several species of beautiful plant and animal life, as well as abundant fish and mussels. And with access to a number of U.S. highways passing through the city of Brownwood, cruising the open road in the area is a pastime all on its own. Wildflower drives are a hit in the area, where thousands of varying genera can be found, together with native grasses along the roadside. And thanks to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Wildflower Program, the number only increases each year with the management of sustainable native species along the highways and byways in the area.

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Texas Hill Country wine lovers will also love the fact that from Brownwood, it’s easy to reach a group of eleven boutique wineries that stretch from Fort Worth through to Austin when you connect with Way Out Wineries. The Way Out Wineries Texas Winery Road Trips option features 3 great scheduled and coordinated events as well, including the Mardi Gras Road Trip (late February and early March), the Summertime Cookoff (late June and early July), and the Holiday Road Trip (mid to late-November). Each one offers a different theme and stops at several wineries for visitors to experience tastings and pairings in celebration of that theme.


Brownwood also has a number of outlets for the sports enthusiast to get their fix. General spectators and super-fans alike can catch all the action at both Brownwood High School and Howard Payne University. High school and college sports, like many a Texas town, are taken quite seriously here. Their spirit and pride ring out loud and clear, and there’s even a spot to bask in the glory and enthusiasm of it all at the Gordon Wood Hall of Champions Museum. Displaying their championship drive and accomplishments through award-winning high school football coach Gordon Wood, if you even remotely revere Texas high school football, you need to visit this museum. Both entertaining and interactive, visitors will be able to see and hear Coach Wood describe his most exciting game moments, the great wins and painful losses, together with other great coaches that honor his ability to bring the best out in his athletes. It’s an amazing experience and best way possible to memorialize a great in the game. And this is only a taste of all that this city has to offer right here in the Texas Hill Country. Plan a trip and take a tour to get a better feel for the area and enjoy all that is beautiful about Brownwood, Texas.