Bryan Kaeser of Mudhook is a Duncanville, Texas, Hometown Hero

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has shone a spotlight on new hometown heroes, people who have stepped up to help their Texas community. Bryan Kaeser, who opened Mudhook Bar & Kitchen on Duncanville’s Main Street in the fall of 2019, is one.

His small but cozy restaurant quickly became a popular local meeting spot, serving great burgers and fries as well as craft cocktails and local brews. Mudhook was popular with family groups as well as singles who enjoyed the friendly, small-town vibe. When many other Dallas County restaurants were forced to close their doors, Kaeser started curbside pickup and/or delivery for take-out orders, including burgers, beer, and even pre-packaged cocktails.

Next he started a convenience store for hard to find items. Kaeser said when he started noticing food shortages at local grocery stores, he talked to Mudhook’s restaurant suppliers. He learned they were overstocked due to restaurants closing. He said after spending 25 years in retail, it was an easy decision that if restaurant suppliers had a surplus and grocery stores were understocked, he could help fill that void.

“With the mandatory closing of indoor dining, I no longer needed tables or chairs. We just moved those out of the way and started buying supplies we heard were needed. My initial investment was about $12,000 for toilet paper, vinyl gloves, fresh produce, ground beef and other meats,” Kaeser said. “My main objective was to keep my restaurant going and provide for my employees, as well as help the community with their needs.”

Toilet Paper Top Seller

-Their best-selling item has been toilet paper, selling for $1.25 a roll or in bulk. Recently Mudhook advertised 600 lbs. of ground beef, 2,000 eggs (down from 3,000), 150 loaves of bread, 250 lbs. of potatoes, 100 lbs. of bananas, plus limes and avocados.

Mudhook is open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and closed on Monday. Restaurant take-out or delivery hours are the same for convenience store customers. Delivery is now handled by Nick, a Mudhook employee, for 3% of the total order.

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