Buc-ee’s is No Longer Exclusive to Texas: Alabama Store Opened Today

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It’s true. The chain we thought was exclusive to our beloved state of Texas has recently expanded. Buc-ee’s is now open in Baldwin County, Alabama, and roughly 100 area residents waited outside its doors this morning to be the first to get a taste of this traditionally Lone Star state travel stop.

The opening of this new store in the chain was scheduled for 6 a.m. local time. Featuring the same great amenities that the Texas travel stop has been known for since 1982, this new 53K-square-foot offering has 124 fueling stations. And according to the press, its bathroom facilities are beyond compare!

Buc-ee’s is No Longer Exclusive to Texas: Alabama Store Just Opened

Photo: Flickr/zombieite

Known for its convenient travel centers, Buc-ee’s has been a mainstay for Texas road trippers for over three decades. The largest store of the conglomerate is actually located in New Braunfels, in the Texas Hill Country, at over 68K-square-feet. By the looks of the anticipation for this new offering in Alabama, expansion into another state was not only imminent but welcomed. Beaver Nuggets, as an example, are just one of the regional delicacies that the Texas Buc-ee’s were known for, which are now estimated to become a wildly popular product in Alabama as well. They also offer beef jerky (now, who doesn’t want that on a road trip?), homemade fudge, and great Texas barbecue. Will that change as they expand? It’s unlikely. A recent Forbes report indicated that the travel stop chain is working toward “…an expansion that is designed to make them a power across the southeast.” A second expansion store outside of Texas is planned for Daytona Beach, Florida, in the coming months.

Buc-ee’s is No Longer Exclusive to Texas: Alabama Store Just Opened

Photo: Flickr/Mark Bonica

The only thing that appears to be different with the Alabama Buc-ee’s store is the lack of a car wash option, but otherwise, its noted as being similar to their recent offering in Katy. For those of y’all interested in seeing what the experience is like to walk into this beloved Lone Star State chain outside of Texas, the Alabama location is at 20403 County Rd. 68 in Robertsdale, situated along Interstate 10. It’s the travel stop of your dreams!