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Texas’s Beloved Buc-ee’s Wins Americas Best Gas Station Award

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Leave it to the beaver to win an award! This week, Gas Buddy released a list of the top 10 gas stations in the U.S. As an app all about pit stops and how they rank in terms of cleanliness, safety, price, and tasty food and drinks, Gas Buddy knows a thing or two about the American gas station. “Although gas stations are still in the business of selling gas, the leading brands have become so much more. They’re a refuge for motorists looking for great food, an amazing cup of coffee, or some of the best customer service you’ll find anywhere,” Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy, said.

It might come as no surprise to Texans, but Buc-ee’s took the top spot on the list (even though they only have 33 locations) due to the fact they rank so highly with good coffee, bright lighting, excellent customer service, and of course, ideal bathrooms. Buc-ee’s is followed by Illinois-based Kelley’s Market and Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip.

Shockingly, last year when Gas Buddy made their Best Gas Station Bathrooms list, Buc-ee’s didn’t take the top spot! QT came in at number one, even in the state of Texas, which had many people raising their eyebrows. The consensus was that since QT had more locations it had an edge on the slightly more elusive Buc-ee’s beaver.