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Bugs for Breakfast?

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Who doesn’t love bugs for breakfast? Oh, not you? Then maybe you should attend the 10th Annual Bug Eating Festival in Austin next weekend! You just might be surprised by the dishes whipped up at this up-and-coming Texas festival that is helping to keep Austin weird. In.gredients and Little Herds will host the festival and it is sure to draw the taste buds of many of all ages. Or at least their curiosity!


Photo: Facebook/Eventbrite

Participants will get to directly experience entomophagy and all its culinary glory. There will be cooked insects of all kinds, sweets and treats made from ground bugs, and demonstrations from top bug chefs available to enjoy. Watch as experts cook and discuss their culinary masterpieces and see which treats are your favorite. You might discover a new passion!

What began as a small group of families joining together in a local park to teach their children about nature and edible bugs, the event has grown each year. Touted as a sustainable food source high in protein, some suggest bugs are the food of the future. Easy and inexpensive to grow and harvest, and healthy to eat, bugs offer a lot to the consumer.



Photo: Facebook/Little Herds

The festival will have plenty to do for those not interested in directly partaking in the fare. Watch a documentary that will be screened at the festival and learn how dog food can utilize bugs for additional protein. Dare your friends and family to come join you! 10th Annual Bug Eating Festival, Saturday, June 10, 2017, at 4 p.m., 2610 Manor Road Austin, Texas 78722.