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Burnet County Requests Second Lowering of Lake LBJ

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The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has been issued a letter by Burnet County at the request of its residents, requesting the lowering of Lake LBJ this coming winter. Although the county can make that request, Burnet County Judge James Oakley has stated that the final decision sits with the LCRA.

The issue came forward on August 27, 2019, at the Commissioners Court meeting when some Lake LBJ residents requested the county approach the LCRA to lower the lake. This was done previously in January of this year over several weeks, as a result of the historic flooding that took place in October 2018. Lake LBJ was lowered by approximately 4 feet, and Lake Marble Falls was also lowered roughly 7 feet.


Photo: Facebook/Sandra Moran Chapman

According to the DailyTrib.com, area homeowner, Jim Wade, told the commissioners, “We need to be able to get in there and shore stuff up,” noting that during the previous lowering, Webb and many of his neighbors cleaned and repaired their homes following the flood. The focus wasn’t necessarily on simply removing debris and fixing docks. “It’s a pretty bad situation. I appreciate any help,” he added. Wade estimated that during last January’s lowering of Lake LBJ, he took approximately 30K pounds of debris from the lake, but he said that there is likely to be much more still there. Although he was in a position to make use of a crane from San Antonio, many others in the area aren’t so lucky.

Burnet County Requests Second Lowering of Lake LBJ

Photo: Facebook/Jane Dorman

As it stands now, the commissioners had empathy for Wade and his neighbors. According to DailyTrib.com, Precinct 1 Commissioner Jim Luther Jr.  agreed that “… Up and down the lake, people were focused on their homes, not cleaning up the lake,” during the January drawdown. Although empathy was key, it’s not everything. Much depends on hydrology data, levels of Lake Buchanan during a drawdown, and inflows to Lake LBJ. In the meantime, the county commissioners approved drafting a letter to send to the LCRA on the matter.