Laura Bush Urges Texas to Save Monarch Butterflies

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Every year, monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico making Texas a stop along their path. Former First Lady Laura Bush wants to make sure these beautiful insects have the right environment in the Lone Star State to keep them alive and well.

Bush is reaching out to businesses and homeowners in Texas and asking them to do their part to provide bits of nature that butterflies use to thrive. One of the ways to do so is to create and throw out “seedballs” made of “soil, milkweed seeds, clay, and water.” These will help by planting wild milkweed, a monarch’s favorite food and place to lay eggs.

Bush knows that many Texans value the fascinating metamorphosis of the monarch and will be willing to help. KXAN quotes Bush as saying, “I believe that as Texans, it’s in our nature to produce good stewardship of our precious wildlife and natural resources.”

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can become an official Monarch Wrangler thanks to Bush’s environmental initiative Texan by Nature. After signing up you’ll receive a bumper sticker and welcome packet full of information on how to help make Texas a better butterfly habitat. Do your part to save this iconic creature.