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BuzzFeed Austin Left the DFW Area Off of Their Map of Texas

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Last week, BuzzFeed Austin posted a cartoon map of Texas on Facebook, and Texans are still commenting on the post to throw in their two cents. The caption of “100% accurate map of Texas” left open the gate for negative comments, along with the obvious exclusion of the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Even Dallas News raised an eyebrow.

BuzzFeed recently opened up their small Austin office, founding BuzzFeed Austin. Dallas News said, “We know all y’all are trying to be the cool new kids on the block, act like you know what’s what. So we totally understand why y’all decided to post this map to Facebook on Thursday…That’s cute. But it’s not true.” Then, they went on to take each section of the map and “correct it.”

The cartoon map obviously took artistic license to throw landmarks around the state without maintaining their actual location. In doing so, they completely left out anything Dallas or Fort Worth had to offer. And since Texans are proud of their state and knowledgeable about their surroundings, they are not letting it go on Facebook. Blaine Eiband wrote, “Bless y’all’s yankee hearts. I hope this is ironic. Y’all left out a ton. And clearly are geographically challenged with your city placement. Not the best way to bring BF to Texas. Just saying.”