The Camel Corps: Why Did the U.S. Army Bring Camels to Texas?

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The Civil War largely put an end to the Army’s use of camels in Texas. While, early in the Civil War, an attempt was made to use the camels to carry mail between Fort Mohave, New Mexico Territory, on the Colorado River and New San Pedro, California, the attempt was unsuccessful after the commanders of both posts objected.

When Union troops reoccupied Camp Verde, there were estimated to be more than a hundred camels at the camp, but there may have been others roaming the countryside. In 1866, the U.S. Government was able to round up 66 camels, which it sold in various auctions to circuses throughout the United States and in Mexico

Have You Seen Any Wayward Camels?

Camel Corps

Photo: Flickr/Marianne Bevis

Even though many of the camels from this military project were accounted for and sold at the end of the experiment, it’s widely thought that there are still some who might still roam the barren parts of West Texas and New Mexico. Similar to Chupacabra and Sasquatch, many claim to have seen them. Have you?

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