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Discover Camp Verde Texas, Home of Historic U.S. Army Camel Corps

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Camp Verde Texas is a small Hill Country town heaped in history, tradition, and downright Texas hospitality.  Treat yourself to a road trip through Camp Verde Texas’ stunningly breathtaking countryside. Discover the rich heritage of Camp Verde Texas and its role as a Civil War outpost.

The Hanging Tree


Life was rough Camp Verde Texas in the Hill Country during its early settlement. Tough battles and tragedies occurred. One such incident is known as the Bandera Tragedy of 1863. During the Civil War, several Confederate soldiers stationed at Camp Verde Texas detained a group of eight men and one young boy from Williamson County.  The travelers, assuming  a misunderstanding, willingly followed the soldiers to Camp Verde Texas to straighten things out. One account claims the group was headed to Mexico to escape the conflict of the Civil War. Another says they were going to Mexico to buy livestock.

When the group arrived at Camp Verde Texas, the soldiers confiscated the civilians cash but then allowed the nine  to continue on their way. Shortly after the nine left Camp Verde Texas, one of the soldiers suggested they should be hanged for avoiding service to the Confederacy. Major W. J. Alexander assembled a troop of 25 soldiers and led them in pursuit of the men who were found resting under a tree not far from Camp Verde Texas.

While several soldiers in the Confederate regiment refused to participate, others lynched the civilians from the tree, one by one, while the other soon-to-be victims watched. Somehow the 16-year old boy managed to escape.

When the tragedy was discovered the next day, those soldiers that refused to participate gave a full account of the incident and arrest warrants were issued for the soldiers that participated in the crime. But Major Alexander and the guilty men had fled from Camp Verde.

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