Can You Spot What’s Hiding Among These Beautiful Rocks?

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Italian artist Johannes Stötter’s Body of Work touches on the relationship between humans and nature, but the connection isn’t always obvious or even easy to spot at first.

In 2009, he began to combine body-paining with is love of nature photography to create what’s become known as his Body of Work. The models in his photographs are covered with body paint that allows them to blend seamlessly into the natural background of his photographs.

Can You Spot What's Hiding Among These Beautiful Rocks?

This surprising take on humans and nature in art has made waves across the Internet because it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between the person and their background in most cases.

Stötter paints the models himself, also, and arranges them exactly in line with his vision for the portrait. One can imagine how much time it takes to not only paint the models, but also planning exactly where they will sit in the photograph to make sure all of the lines are blended perfectly.

His message is simple: humankind and the natural world are inseparable and should be treated as such. It’s an incredible feeling when you spot the model in the photograph for the first time. Below he speaks about his work and how it came to be.