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The ‘Can’t Miss’ Texas Hill Country Bucket List

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Having a bucket list implies that you have desire and the will to do and experience so many wonderful things that are special to you. It doesn’t necessarily reflect so much on the fact that our time here on Earth is limited as much as it identifies that there are a world of possibilities with which to make the best use of that time. Narrowing all of the list-worthy possibilities in the entire world would truly be a daunting task, but just try the state of Texas! Better yet, try honing in further still on Hill Country! While not impossible, it may seem just short of it. But never you fear. Without wasting a second thought, here is a mere trifling taste of some of the more adventurous, fun-loving, and even flavorful things you won’t want to miss about THC – compiled objectively of course, by true lovers of Texas. This list is by no means the comprehensive be-all/end-all, but some are thought of by many in Hill Country to be requisite. So without a lot of pomp and circumstance, here are some of the more celebratory things that you can consider for your “Can’t Miss” Texas Hill Country Bucket List!




The word ‘festival’ is defined as ‘a day or period of celebration’ and what better way to commemorate the life you want to live than festival-hopping in Hill Country. The opportunities are endless for celebrating anything from music, to cars, to art, dreams, and even tamales (and perhaps dreams about tamales!) Any time of year, the cities, towns and people of Texas Hill Country have a reason to celebrate, and you’re always welcome to join in. A healthy dose of southern hospitality may be just what the doctor ordered. Check out for a list of dates and festivals to soothe the soul and rejuvenate the spirit – or just plain make you giddy!

Foodie Road-Trip



You may have heard many a next-door-neighbor, local self-proclaimed connoisseur or well-meaning co-worker at the water cooler try to tell you that “Joe Blow’s has THE best” whatever-the-delicacy might be. Well in Hill Country you won’t get steered in the wrong direction looking for the best steak dinner (Get it? ‘Steered’…), chicken-fried even! Or what about Mexican, comfort food, barbeque, chili, okra, King Ranch Casserole, and the ultimate foodie fan-favorite, pecan pie? It’s all good and it’s all here in Hill Country. For a taste of everything, you can visit the First Annual Texas Hill Country Food Truck Festival taking place in Luckenbach on Saturday, Aug. 2nd, 2016, or you can chart a course yourself through the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Texas Restaurant Locations List online! What better way to honor your time here on Earth and feed your soul than by feeding yourself (and maybe a couple friends as well)!

Become a Ride Warrior



If you’re a fan of the roller coaster, Hill Country has you covered! A true ride warrior will travel far and wide to experience the fun and intense excitement that a thrill ride such as Batman: The Ride (the world’s first 4D free-fly coaster) which just so happens to be in Hill Country’s own Six Flags Fiesta Texas, in San Antonio! For a list of this and many more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants (and hope you don’t pee in them in the process) rides, check out 5 Fantastic Hill Country Amusement Parks on Texas Hill view the San Antonio Tourism site Visit San or for the wet and wild side of things, try for a Hill Country water park to beat some summer heat!

Live the Cowboy Way



Whether you want to learn how to rope and ride, or you simply like the look and want to fit in with the best of them, spend a day in Hill Country the cowboy way. There are many guest ranches to choose from with expert ranch hands, cattlemen and rodeo regulars that will steer you in the right direction (again with the ‘steer’ joke…) and you can view a good listing of them at If you simply want to fill some cowboy boots, and become a long, tall Texan (or just to raise you up a skosh if you’re vertically challenged,) why not slip on a pair that just might seem made for you? Famed Hill Country cobblers at Little’s Boots in San Antonio or Heritage Boot in Austin will have you feeling like the cowboy/cowgirl you’ve always been at heart. A great pair of boots that range between custom and ready-to-wear will literally suit you down to the ground (and are guaranteed to put a little Texas Hill Country swagger in your step.)