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To Catch a Guitar Thief: Austin Pawn Shop Aids Police

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After a theft of a certain nature or size, the authorities generally ask the public to be on alert. In particular, pawn shops (which are frequently used as a quick source of cash) tend to receive items of questionable background, for which they are required to report on. Such is the case in the story of Esequial Martinez and three stolen autographed guitars.

Brazen and Bold

To Catch a Guitar Thief: Austin Pawn Shop Aids Police

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It’s alleged that Martinez stole the guitars from a store in Austin, which were autographed by Jeff Beck, Los Lonely Boys, and Willie Nelson. His next step, although unwise, was predictable and boded well for the original owners. Martinez attempted to take his ill-gotten gains to a pawn shop, where the clerk was unable to accept them, but instead obtained information on his vehicle and called the police.

But Idiotic…

To Catch a Guitar Thief: Austin Pawn Shop Aids Police

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From there, Martinez proceeded to attempt to get “ransom” for the guitars from the original store owner. He called and demanded a $2,500 reward for the goods in exchange for not destroying them, to which the store owner agreed in order to get the guitars back. At the time, Martinez told the owner of the store that he’d gotten the guitars from a white meth addict. To follow-up on his story, Austin police then dialed the number Martinez had used to contact the store owner. They not only caught him in several lies, but overheard an incriminating portion of conversation when Martinez forgot to hang up the phone, saying “F*** the police” and spoke about the crime afterwards. He was arrested a short time later.