These Cats Have Been Called the Most Beautiful in the World

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Many proud cat owners won’t want to face this, but Iriss and Abyss are being called the “most beautiful cats in the world.” These beautiful felines were found when they were 3-months-old in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and now they’re an internet sensation on the rise.

Their stark white coats are complemented by their heterochromatic eyes — or eyes of two different colors. A BoredPanda contributor mused that, “Legend says that different coloured eyes allow people or animals to see into both worlds – of the living and the dead. I myself don’t know if that’s true, but I can for sure say that heterochromatic eyes are stunning.”

The pretty pair have over 60,000 followers on Instagram, and once you start scrolling through their page, it’s hard to not go through their entire account!

You even start gaining the ability to easily tell them apart.

Since they’re only 9-months-old, there are surely plenty of photos to come from their adoring owners.

Hopefully their loving owners continue the fun, creative approach of snapping photos of this gorgeous duo. And let’s all cross our fingers that both Iriss and Abyss keep enjoying their Instagram fame and don’t suddenly become camera-shy!