Cedar Fever Hits the Hill Country

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If you live or have ever lived in the Texas Hill Country, you will know exactly what this means: Cedar Fever. You dread it every year. You think of moving to another country. You buy stock in Puffs tissues. You say goodbye to all your friends and any outdoor activities until maybe March. Cedar Fever. The plus side is if you wear makeup, you don’t need to for the next month or so because your watering eyes will just wash it all away. It’s here and it hit hard with a whopping 21,952 grains per cubic meter on Thursday.

2223971541_d73044aab8_oPhoto: Flickr/Andy Heatwole

That dry cold front stirred up all kinds of trouble and it’s just going to get worse before it gets better. Cedar fever is here until late February. This past Thursday, Austin hit the second highest count of cedar pollen in recorded history. This is not good news. Consequently, it isn’t going to get any better any time soon. Experts are predicting an exceptionally hard cedar season this year. But, it’s Austin, so it is worth it, right?

Photo: Flickr/John Rogers

Cedar fever hits like any other allergy with the itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, puffy eyes, red nose, cough, and sneezing. And when we say sneezing, we mean, call your mother you can’t stop sneezing. Everyone has their own remedies. All of them work and unfortunately none of them work. Eat a spoon full of local honey. Try hot sauce, on everything. Make a batch of brownies. While these might not actually work, who doesn’t love warm brownies fresh out of the oven?

Photo: Flickr/Wade Brooks

And while everyone loves living in the Texas Hill Country most any other time, Cedar Fever can make you rethink the very fiber of your existence. Because seriously, how many times can someone sneeze in one minute? Apparently a lot!

So here is a little poem to help you understand, the struggle is real and it can happen to any man.

Mommy, oh Mommy, can we go outside?
Children, sweet Children, I just want to hide.
Mommy, oh Mommy, we want to be fed!
Children, sweet Children, my poor stuffed-up head.
Mommy, oh Mommy, can you help with my socks?
Children, sweet Children, where is the tissue box?
Mommy, oh Mommy, here’s your white filter mask.
Children, sweet Children, I cannot breath (hack, cough, gasp).
Mommy, oh Mommy, what’s the matter with you?
Children, sweet Children, it’s Austin, it’s cedar, achoo, achoo!
Mommy, oh Mommy, God bless you times two!
Children, sweet Children, I need Sudafed and Benadryl, too.
Mommy, oh Mommy, what’s wrong, why are you crying?
Children, sweet Children, it’s just my eyes that I’m rubbing and drying.
Mommy, oh Mommy, you’re such a slow poke.
Children, sweet Children, what’s next, oh yeah, OAK !

So the next time you see a strange lady walking her kids to school with a white mask on, don’t judge, she is just trying to deal with the joys of Cedar Fever because living in Austin is worth it.