Chevy’s Texas Summer Road Trip Series: The Equinox Takes On Dallas

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This summer Chevy sent our crew on a series of road trips through Texas aboard three of their elite performing vehicles to take in the sights and meander the open road. We were fortunate to test drive the Equinox, the Bolt, and the Traverse. Each had unique attributes and perks unique for the type of trip and passengers involved. Read on to learn where we went on our first adventure and in what vehicle, and then look for the second and third installments of our Chevy Texas Road Trip Series!

Photo courtesy of Chevrolet

How cool is it to drive around Austin, Texas, home of the Longhorns, in this burnt orange ride? Very cool! We were the envy of the town as we drove to dinner and explored this spacious SUV. It comfortably sat three adults and a car seat but could have included another adult comfortably. We were immediately impressed by the leg and arm room each person had. As 30-somethings with a 5-year-old, we want space but also style, and the Equinox met us there. We also appreciated the safety features with six airbags, a camera to assist with backing up, On star and wifi, good visibility out of each mirror and collision warning. After learning our new ride, we were ready to hit the road for Dallas! We planned to stop along the way and hit up several Texas treasures on our route, all family-friendly.

First up, we went to Medieval Times for dinner. This place never disappoints. Pricey, but you get both food and lengthy entertainment throughout your meal. Who can resist knights and royal horses and jousting and sword fights? Our family couldn’t! The crowd is wowed not only by period food, but also the assignment of a specific knight to each section. We got to root for the green knight who came in second place! The plot goes that the knights first battle one another for the admiration of the king and princess, and then the winner has to battle it out with a rogue newcomer that threatens the kingdom. Getting to step back in time and fill our bellies was a nice welcome into Dallas!

Photo courtesy of Donald Minnis

The next morning we took our time exploring the Dallas World Aquarium. With several sections to this venue, you can get lost exploring all the aquatic life and species. The habitats feel like walking into a beautiful rainforest, and it’s a treat to watch the birds and fish in their world. Be sure to check out the sloths! These slow moving but curious creatures were show-stoppers!

Photo courtesy of Donald Minnis

Finally, we hit the road back to Austin but not before stopping off at the Waco Mammoth National Monument. Did you know that intact mammoth bones of full herds have been found in Waco and other parts of Texas? We were excited to learn this! The Waco Mammoth National Park allows visitors to take a guided tour and see an actual excavation. Smaller participants can try their hand at digging up bones for themselves. These enormous creatures are breath-taking to imagine alive!

Photo courtesy of Donald Minnis

Dallas has so many wonderful things to explore. These were our family-friendly picks of the summer as we toured around in our Chevy Equinox. Tell us what you love to do in Dallas!

Stay tuned for part two of our Chevy Texas Road Trip Series!