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Chick-fil-A Throws Epic Birthday Bash for 100-Year-Old Man

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Just when we thought we couldn’t love Chick-fil-A any more than we already do, staffers at the location in Oldsmar, Florida, ratcheted up that love with a heart-warming gesture. They surprised Stephen Bellissimo with an epic birthday bash in honor of his 100th Birthday, presenting him with a gigantic check for “free Chick-fil-A for life.”

Bellissimo has been a regular customer since the location opened 15 years ago, and now he couldn’t be happier. Usually, you would see Bellissimo at the restaurant weekly, but he’s shared that he will now be there every day! It’s a great tribute to the chain’s popular slogan-“Eat Mor Chikin,” which Bellissimo will certainly be doing more often. The YouTube video below from Fox News Insider shows the excitement of the day.

Video: YouTube/Fox News Insider

The Chick-fil-A Oldsmar  shared their excitement by posting the following- “Yesterday, we celebrated a very special day as our restaurant regular, Mr. Steve, turned 100 years young!”

Family, former staff, and a few lucky customers who have had the pleasure of getting to know Bellissimo attended the celebration of his milestone birthday bash. “We filled the restaurant with 100 balloons and gave away 100 digital offer cards for free food, as well as 100 various Chick-fil-A gifts, to random customers throughout the day in his honor,” shared the chain’s Oldsmar location on their Facebook page.

But the most heartwarming moment of the day was all the blessings the staff presented Bellissimo in addition to his lifetime gift. He also received a $100 Chick-fil-A gift card, Chick-fil-A gifts such as a water bottle and cup, a grand cake, and a card signed by all of their team members. Bellissimo went on to share that it was the best gift he could ever receive.