This Chicken Took to Mothering a Completely Different Species

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Todayz World posted a heartwarming video to Facebook featuring a hen covering up something other than one of her eggs. The owner of the chicken moved her aside to show the camera that she was keeping a small kitten safe and warm underneath her body. When the hen was moved, she marched right back to the kitten to give it shelter, and when the cameraperson moved the cat, it scurried back over to the hen. They appear bonded by a mother and child relationship that crossed the boundaries between their species.

Obviously, the hen won’t be able to care for the cat in all of the ways it needs since the chicken isn’t a mammal, but it’s still incredible to see how animals can step up to take care of one another and show kindness to a fellow creature in need.

In the case of many viral internet videos, we don’t know what happens to the kitten, but as Maul Pitchell commented, “I’m pretty sure whoever posted this did the right thing or they wouldn’t have posted. Just look at how the chickens are living. That’s a giant room for one hen. They seem like they love their animals to me.”