Christmas Lights at This League City Home Pay Homage to the Astros

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Houstonians are still celebrating the Astros World Series victory this year, and one League City home has taken their team spirit and combined it with their Christmas spirit. KHOU reports that the Gallaghers in Victory Lakes have set up their 45-minute light show to include clips from Astros games. “I usually start in the summer so I get an idea of what I want to do,” Troy Gallagher told the news. “This year, when the Astros made the playoffs, I wanted to do something, and then when they won, I decided I had to do something.”

You can see how shiny and bright the Gallaghers make Christmas in their neighborhood in the video below.

If you’re feeling the Gallaghers’ Astros-Christmas vibe, you can decorate with team spirit on a smaller scale with Astros ornaments like the one available for pre-order here on, or you can use a replica of the Commissioner’s Trophy as a Christmas tree topper like one fan did who was featured on The possibilities are endless with all kinds of Astros merchandise available for fans to keep celebrating!