City & State Pride Found in Abundance in Brownwood, Texas

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Brownwood, Texas is situated in a beautiful spot on the western side of the Colorado River, known as Pecan Bayou. Due to a prior water rights dispute way back in its fledgling days, its relocation resulted in this picturesque area becoming a history-rich locale, loaded with Texas state pride.

On the northern cusp of the Texas Hill Country, this beautiful region would become the site for U.S. Army Camp Bowie during World War II, and at its peak, housed up to 80,000 soldiers destined to train and serve their country. Today, the camp is used strictly for training for the U.S. National Guard. However, the area maintains its honored service history. Camp Bowie Memorial Park and the Brown County Museum of History continue to pay homage to the area’s contributions to both state and country with displays of military might for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

City & State Pride Found in Abundance in Brownwood, Texas

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Brownwood has grown considerably from its early days as a hamlet settled by ranchers and farmers. Today the city has a population of just over 19,000 and is home to Howard Payne University and Lake Brownwood State Park. Affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, the university is a private school situated in the heart of the city. Known for its Christian studies program, it presently has close to 1,200 full-time students studying toward various degrees and making Brownwood their home-away-from-home.

City & State Pride Found in Abundance in Brownwood, Texas

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Lake Brownwood State Park provides opportunities for area residents as well as tourists to enjoy the great outdoors, nature, and the many activities that can be had on-site, including camping, fishing, paddling, and swimming. Watersports, as well as land activities, welcome visitors to the park, who can also stay in a historic cabin, do some hiking, or simply relax and learn more about the park’s history. The Civilian Conservation Corps dedicated years constructing the park’s facilities, including the grand staircase, which early park visitors would climb after arriving by boat to go to dances at the park pavilion.

City & State Pride Found in Abundance in Brownwood, Texas

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With respect to local events and celebrations, the city is also exceptionally positioned for wine and craft beer fans to take advantage of several area venues which have found a home here in the Texas Hill Country. Not only is Brownwood close in proximity to various wine routes and brewery tours, but it also hosts an annual event called Corks and Caps which focuses on the enjoyment of the products from both local wineries as well as craft breweries. This year the event is being held on October 7, from 6-11 p.m. at the Depot Plaza.

City & State Pride Found in Abundance in Brownwood, Texas

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Featuring beer and wine tastings from several local as well as national facilities, Corks and Caps pairs wine and beer samples nicely with a great selection of local food trucks with everything from mains to desserts. The event will also feature a cigar area hosted by The Leaf of Abilene, as well as some seriously great live entertainment from the Matt Wilson Band out of Austin. The entire event will help you toast to great Texas beverages and food that can be found here in the city of Brownwood. More information, as well as ticket pricing and availability, can be found directly at the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce offices (600 E. Depot Street) or at the link provided here. You can contact BCC staff for details at (325) 646-9535. Come on out to Brownwood and celebrate the city, its lifestyle, and the many great opportunities for fun to be had here in the heart of Texas!


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