New Unique Yoga Class Starts Up in Dallas: Goat Yoga

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Haley Capri, owner of Deep Ellum Yoga, has started up another extraordinary class in Dallas. Capri is known for trying out new things when it comes to her yoga workshops. WFAA says she’s held “Gangster Rap Yoga” classes and held “Sky Yoga” at the top of Reunion Tower. Her newest class, “Goat Yoga,” is being held outside at the Eastbound and Down Icehouse. Students lay out their mats and move through yoga positions while baby goats run wild around them. And hardly anyone can keep a straight face!

Though she’s the first to bring the idea to Dallas, Capri didn’t invent Goat Yoga. It’s been growing in popularity over the past few months via news stories and YouTube videos like this one from CBS 13 News were at one point the yoga instructor says, “If you have a goat on your back, you can go ahead and stay in tabletop [position.]” Like in Capri’s class, the baby goats leap onto people’s backs periodically and jump around, playing with each other, and causing the whole class to break out into big smiles.

Capri told WFAA she hopes Goat Yoga will encourage newcomers to give yoga a whirl. “People who perhaps have been intimidated by the yoga culture, who have never wanted to try it before, this is maybe giving them a reason to think about it or try it for the first time,” she said.