A Classic Mojito Cocktail Will Help You Win at Spring Sipping

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The mojito is known as one of the most popular cocktails in the world. The experience lends itself better to sitting at a tropical bar somewhere, kicking back and relaxing. But, if you’re making your mojitos at home here in Texas, you’ll want to read on for the best tips that ensure your drink doesn’t fall short of its best taste!

The classic mojito consists of rum (traditionally white), lime, mint, sugar, club soda, and ice. The integral part of making this cocktail is ensuring that each sip allows you to taste all of its elements. To avoid a crunchy mess at the bottom of your mixture or glass, it’s highly recommended that you make use of honey in this particular recipe. This will give your drink more consistency as well as an appealing finish. When using a light rum, avoid the use of a heavy or dark honey. You don’t want to overpower the drink or turn it into a dark brown color. In addition, if at all possible, use the juice from a lime which is freshly pressed. For a more spring/summer vacation-mode aesthetic, you could also add a lime wedge to your glass… since you’ll be putting your feet up shortly after mixing this cocktail anyway! With respect to the mint, it’s always good to remember the saying “less is more.” You don’t want to overpower the drink by including too much which is muddled into a pesto-like mess. Your goal is to release the mint’s aromatic oils for it to successfully flavor your drink. And, finally, your club soda should be free from artificial sweeteners or flavors.


A Classic Mojito Cocktail Will Help You Win at Spring Sipping

Key ingredients for this cocktail include:


Lime juice


Club soda

Although you can find plenty of mojito recipes online, this one has been shared by Downshiftology. This is a classic Cuban drink which has inspired many a vacationer to try and sample the very same at their local bar or patio cocktail service. Making it at home isn’t any less vacation-ey, and it could be considerably cheaper… which isn’t a bad thing whatsoever! Mix up a few for friends or sample some by yourself on your porch this spring. Drinking a mojito solo isn’t considered uncouth until you drink a half-dozen or so… so we hear.