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Cold Beer and History at Rihn’s Countryside Saloon

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Originally built offsite in the 1940s and ordered for placement at the top of the hill outside of Devine in Medina County, Rihn’s Countryside Saloon was instead set at the bottom of the hill, so the owner moved his house to be next to the bar!

40 cents to dance

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Today, on TX – 173, leaving Devine en route to Hondo, you will find this weathered tin building on the side of the road, still at the bottom of the hill. Rihn’s Countryside Saloon is open every day, except Monday, around 4 p.m. Park outside, throw back the screen door, and let your eyes take it all in. The bar and stools are to the right, and Sandra will serve you an ice cold beer. Come prepared and keep it low-key: only cash is accepted and only beer is served. She’s been serving drinks, making hamburgers and pizza, and keeping tabs on the local going-abouts since 1974. There are more than a few stories underneath her silver bouffant hair.

Good for dancing

Courtesy of HomeTowninMyRearview

To the left are tables to gather around and some arcade games. Pool tables are in the back, as well as a jukebox full of classic and 90’s country music. The ladies bathroom is a real treat for anyone who’s a fan of gentlemen in various states of undress. There is plenty of red sawdust on the floor and a vast collection of baseball caps fill the ceiling, each one a gift to Sandra. Outside has a few picnic tables under the shade trees, nice to sit under on the right night. If you are looking for a real Texas bar experience, head out to Rihn’s Countryside Saloon. Beware of incorrect Google directions but this place is worth the trip!