Dousing the Fire: How to Control the Spread of Red Imported Fire Ants

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Ideally, the agency said RIFA should be treated between late Aug. and the month of Oct. Doing so will allow whatever “bait” is used to work throughout the winter months. In order to be most effective, the agency also encourages the use of the “Two-step method.”

For this method, bait is first applied broadly across the entire affected area at least once, but possibly twice in a year. Secondly, individual mounds and problem areas are addressed on an “as needed” basis between overall treatments. For this step, products created specifically for individual mound treatment work best.

floating fire ants

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Suffice it to say, RIFA will not be garnering many votes for “Texans’ Favorite Insect.” It is not probable they will be hopping a boat back to South America anytime soon, therefore it is important to be vigilant when exploring the outdoors. While they may be here to stay, there are plenty of ways to keep your yard, and life, ant free.


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