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Convicted Poacher Receives Unique Sentence from Sherman Judge

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A judge in Sherman, Texas has handed down a unique and interesting judgment against a man caught poaching in Grayson County. Judge Jim Fallon sentenced the man to spend weekends in jail over the next five years of deer hunting season.

John Walker Drinnon, aged 34, of Whitesboro, had been convicted of poaching a buck using a rifle, on private property, in an archery-only county, which is a state jail felony. Judge Fallon has since ordered Drinnon to spend each weekend of every hunting season in jail over the next five years. Drinnon was also sentenced to pay civil restitution in the amount of $18,048.10 and received five years of probation.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a scaled that determines the set fine which Drinnon was ordered to pay. This is called the Boone and Crockett score, which is actually based on the number of antler points that the poached animal possessed, as well as various antler measurements. In this instance, Drinnon was poaching a 19-point whitetail buck, which scored 202 on the scale. This gave it the estimated value of the fine noted above. Scale scores are used to compare trophy animals and were developed by the Boone and Crockett club for which the measurement is named. Fallon also passed judgment prohibiting Drinnon from the purchase of a hunting license during his probation.