‘Cotton Candy Girl’ at Rangers Game Wins the Heart of Fans Online

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On Wednesday night, the true star of the Mariners versus Rangers game was a little girl who is now known as the “Cotton Candy Girl.” Cameras at the game caught the perfect moment when they scanned the crowd and spotted a little girl standing on her mom’s lap tearing into a batch of blue cotton candy.

Obviously, the young girl had already devoured quite a bit of the sweet treat, and she was feeling the pure thrill of sugar. She seems to be in the midst of a mood only a mouthful of blue cotton candy can bring. The Mariners tweeted a gif of the incredibly expressive gal, which her proud dad later retweeted.

Following the game, fans requested that Cotton Candy Girl be dubbed “Player of the Game.” Even though Mariners officials said she wasn’t technically able to win that title, they did respond by tweeting a Photoshopped picture of the girl wearing the official “Swelmet” that the “Player of the Game” sports after their victory.

It only took Cotton Candy Girl a few seconds to steal all the glory of the Mariners win, but Rangers fans definitely don’t mind.