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Counterfeit Money Creating Problems in Johnson City and the Hill Country

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Police in Johnson City and throughout the Texas Hill Country are calling on citizens as well as the “big guns,” (namely, the Secret Service) for help in catching those responsible for circulating counterfeit money in the area. Businesses in Johnson City and in other parts of the Hill Country have been hard-hit by counterfeit money in recent months. This leaves business owners and employees asking, “What do we do if we receive counterfeit money?

The Johnson City Police Department offers the following useful information for anyone who handles money:



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Police ask business owners and employees to try and keep the person who has passed counterfeit money in the store (if it’s safe) until the police can be alerted and respond. Do not give the counterfeit money back to the person who used it. If you are unable to keep the person in your place of business, you still need to contact your local authorities as soon as possible to report the crime.

Money Handling

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Do not handle potentially counterfeit money any more than absolutely necessary. Place the money in an envelope or plastic bag to protect it from damage. The counterfeit money is evidence in a crime and needs to be preserved. Investigators may need to examine the bill for fingerprints or other forensic evidence to aid in the capture and prosecution of the counterfeiters.

Identify the Source

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When the money is first identified as counterfeit, whoever originally received the money needs to supply as much information about the source of the counterfeit money as possible. The Secret Service recommends recalling the person’s appearance as well as the appearance of anyone else who was with the person.


Photo: Facebook/Johnson City Police Department

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