Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

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Not every baby is lucky enough to have a beautiful mobile hanging overhead in their crib, but for those who do, one with a specific design to it (such as this cute western-style mobile) certainly goes a long way toward exposing the little one to wonderful and unique imagery. The subtle tones aren’t too overwhelming, and the design is decorative yet classic in style. Other such components that could be incorporated into the nursery are country-style bedding, stuffed animals, and toys.

5. A Cozy Place to Catch Some Zs 

Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

Photo: Facebook/Zach Clark

Using a modern-day crib design (because safety needs to be priority number one) this great country design has “cowboy” written all over it! The unique ranch-style gate/entrance décor for the placement of the baby’s name behind the crib is almost equaled in cuteness to the Holstein-type bedding and changing blanket. The stuffed horse is a nice touch as well! Cowboy and cowgirl nurseries can go a long way toward making baby and family feel that this new step in their lives is an extension of their existing lifestyle and not an overwhelming change. It’s country-cool, and it’s completely doable!

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