Cruise Ship Internship Sounds Like a Dream Come True

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“Internship” is a dreaded word many young professionals are tired of hearing. Usually it means a lot of work with pay measured in “experience” instead of money, but the cruise line Royal Caribbean has managed to make the word “internship” sound downright dreamy.

ABC 13 reports that Royal Caribbean is looking for one lucky person to be their summer intern. This go-getter must snap photos of the beautiful locations that the cruise line visits to put on Instagram.

According to the Royal Caribben website, applicants must be over 21 years of age, own a smartphone and be ready to travel. They’re looking for someone who can be a “hybrid between a photographer, documentary maker and a storyteller. A typical day will see the successful candidate immerse themselves in the extraordinary moments, experiences and stories that take place on land and at sea, and share them with the world via Instagram.”

The future intern will receive a stipend of roughly $3,700 and access to amenities like pools, zip lines and fitness facilities. They only need to bring comfortable travel clothes along with them. If you’re interested, apply for the dream “intern-ship” here.