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Care to Cuddle? Cuddle Programs for Drug Addicted Babies

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Texas is no exception in the increasing number of states which are instituting programs in neonatal intensive care units to work to combat the issue. Volunteers at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas are giving their time and care in both the Child Life Cuddling Care Program and the Child Life Pediatric Unit for the care of babies that are born addicted and require additional attention. The former program has a 3-hour shift each week, as well as a possible waiting list for the opportunity (because who wouldn’t want to cuddle these sweet peas?) The latter has 4-hour shifts from Monday to Friday and allows for playtime opportunities for babies and their siblings. There are varying volunteer requirements which are required for each program, and those wanting to learn more can email [email protected]. This and other hospitals throughout the state are or will be implementing such programs as this issue worsens. Contact your local healthcare provider for more opportunities like this throughout the state of Texas, and help a newborn get a more solid start in life with a simple cuddle.




Woman’s Hospital of Texas

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