YouTuber Manages to Cut Wood with a Regular Piece of Paper

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John Heinsz runs a YouTube page out of Ontario, Canada where he works as a carpenter. His videos show informative and interesting work in his wood-shop. Recently, Heinsz posted a video that shows something rather extraordinary – he used a regular piece of printer paper as a blade to cut through wood!

As a fun experiment (not for practical use), he replaced a circular blade with a piece of paper sized to match. He notes that the weather was hot and humid so the makeshift blade was a bit flimsy.

Heinsz wrote on his website, “Of course, there are sections of the video where I’m cutting that are sped up as much as 16 times, so it’s not the fastest way to make a cut!
I did make another ‘blade’ to test it on a piece of aluminum, but it more or less just polished the edge before wearing out. The abrasiveness of the paper works well on wood, but is no match for anything harder.”

Watch the video below to see the shockingly effective and unconventional saw, and don’t worry, he doesn’t receive any nasty paper cuts.