Dating in Texas: Can Happiness Be Found in Any Other State?

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If you’ve ever heard the saying, “There are plenty more fish in the sea,” then you’re probably in the dating world, and some well-meaning friend or family member was trying to make you feel that the choices you’ve made to date can be negated by the fact that the options are seemingly endless. That being said, you might feel you’re fishing in the wrong spot, and the chances of making the big catch would improve if you moved. And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, those feelings may only intensify. That’s why the folks at WalletHub recently released a report on “2018’s Best & Worst States for Singles.” How did Texas stack up? If you’re single, you might be surprised.

Dating in Texas: Can Happiness be Found in Any Other State?

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Comparing the 50 states over 27 integral components that make dating considerably user-friendly, WalletHub’s data set covered such things as the percent of single adults, nightlife options per person, and even movie costs. Texas ranked second for the number of movie theaters per capita (which didn’t surprise us, considering the number and size of movie facilities nowadays…like the construction of the Crossroads facility in Terrell!) And, with respect to dining with a date, the Lone Star State placed fourth in the number of restaurants per person.

Dating in Texas: Can Happiness be Found in Any Other State?

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From here, the statistics for those presently in the dating scene in Texas may make them a little pensive. Our state ranked tenth for median annual household income (adjusted for Cost of Living) which means we’re still in the good books as far as trying to afford to date. But, our dating opportunities, aside from meeting someone by happenstance or through a friend, aren’t ranked so high. Texas placed fourteenth with respect to mobile dating opportunities, and sadly, thirtieth for online dating opportunities. To read about other statistics in the study and find out how other states ranked (if you’re still debating on switching fishing spots…but, really, do you honestly want to leave Texas?!) you can find the full WalletHub report at the link provided here. Happy continued dating endeavors!