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Dawna Gillespie: Texas Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

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Metalsmithing became Dawna’s overwhelming desire and aspiration. Along with her family, metalsmithing is deeply ingrained in her spirit. She says, “If I couldn’t create and sell art, then teaching would be the next realm for me as an artist. If I couldn’t craft art as I do now, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces is therapy for any challenges that come my way.”

So, how did Dawna fall in love with metalsmithing? Her early life always centered on art, but she started out with acrylic paints. When she enrolled in a metalsmithing class at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, she was hooked. She graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Art Education, and metalsmithing became a permanent career and passion.

Dawna Gillespie is a native Texan, born in Fort Worth, and she moved to Lubbock when she was only 17 years old. In Lubbock, she met her husband on a blind date, and together, they are rearing a five-year-old son.

Dawna Gillespie: Texas Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

Photos courtesy of Dawna Gillespie

Now that her son is in school, Dawna has more time to devote to metalsmithing, but family remains the top priority. Her studio is in her home, and working from home gives her more flexibility as a wife and mom.

Her artwork is sold all over the country, but most people order from her website. She also exhibits nation-wide.

Dawna loves Lubbock’s wide open spaces. The vista extends for many Texas miles. Like most Texans, she doesn’t care for the heat, but the Lubbock three-digit days are dry with no humidity. She says the campus of Texas Tech University is a show-place for sculptures, and she directs visitors to her alma mater to see them. Some are life-sized and all encourage appreciation.

To see Dawna’s gorgeous artwork, visit her online at www.dawnagillespie.com and Instagram @copper.d.studio.

Originally published in the Fall Issue of Heart of Texas Magazine.

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