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Notable Decrease in Monarch Butterfly Population as 22 Million Don’t Make it Through the Season

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Declining natural vegetation along their migration route (example: milkweed, which is the monarch caterpillar’s sole source of food), has hindered their 2,000-mile journey over the years. Linked to an increase in the use of herbicide-resistant crops, wildfires, and the dry-to-drought conditions in much of Texas, without the increase and management of this plant, the fate of the monarch butterfly hangs in the balance. Wilson noted that an abundant supply of milkweed is required in the central United States for the monarch to have long-term survival. In the interim, local and state officials have been urging the public to become involved through awareness campaigns, garden plans, and free butterfly and plant symposiums. This notable decrease in the migrating monarch has become of great concern to officials and should be of great concern to the public as well.


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