Deep in the “Alps” of Texas: What’s Up in Alpine, Part One

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When the urge for breakfast or lunch arrives, another short walk back into town reveals a bakery named Taste and See. Owner and mother of five Ginger Hillery specializes in freshly made breads and pastries made from 100 percent whole grains. Using a pink granite Balfour stone mill, she grinds the specially chosen grains on premises. Three local growers supply 85 percent of the organic produce she uses for her other culinary creations. Many of her mother’s professional paintings adorn the walls of the two-year-old bakery, which add an additional touch of home to her cozy establishment.

Deep in the "Alps" of Texas: What's Up in Alpine, Part One

Photo: John Spaulding. Listen to the soothing sounds of trains passing through town at twilight.

Ginger encourages people to come to Alpine and be surprised by what they find. She says “Alpine is full of businesses run by small families, particularly women entrepreneurs. I think that because it is so remote, there’s room for people to follow their passion.” In Part Two of this adventure, we will explore more of that passion that makes Alpine worth the drive to this part of Texas.

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